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N95s available

updated daily, in stock now.

With the current PPE shortage, we recommend N95s only for use by healthcare professionals at risk of COVID-19 exposure. Our aim is to connect as many healthcare providers as possible with the equipment they need. We are working every day to find suppliers with N95 masks in store and ready to ship now. Proceeds from PPE sales are being donated to go-fund-me campaigns for purchasing more N95 masks. The current campaign we are contributing to is: here

Pyramex Valveless N95.jpg
Pyramex N95.jpg

The N95 masks normally carried below (3M 8210 and 8210 PLUS, SAS 8611, and Nitta N95 9510) remain sold out. Dasheng DTC3x are out of stock as well. We are coordinating with multiple suppliers to find more of these masks ASAP and will updated as available.


For now, only the Pyramex RM10 N95s are in store

However, we have added a selection of FDA approved and CE certified KN95s that are suitable for COVID-19 protection while we wait on resupply. 

Please check back frequently as we update daily.

We continue to have KN95 masks, thermometers, disinfectant, face shields, surgical masks and more in stock.

KN95s available


Due to demand, we have added a supply of KN95 masks. Many have asked, what is the difference between and N95 and KN95 masks and is it safe to use for COVID-19 protection? 


The N95 designation is applied by US regulatory authorities for masks made under certain criteria. Around the world, other face piece respirator standards exist and are used to certify masks that are designed for use in similar situations as N95s.

For example, the FFP2 standard is used in Europe, DS/DL2 in Japan, and KN95 in China all for the same situations as N95s in the USA. According to the FDA a real KN95 is a suitable alternative for COVID-19 protection while the shortage of N95s exist. See here and here for FDA guidance. Right now, there are MANY fake products listed as KN95 masks. Below, we have listed some KN95 products to consider while N95s remain difficult to find. They are all FDA and CE certified, and ready to ship immediately. 

KN95 Respirator.jpeg


FDA approved manufacturer. CE certified.

Available 10 to 300 masks.

10 for $35.99. 50 for $154.99. 300 for $899.

Please inquire about bulk purchase > 5000. 

Sold out N95s

normally in stock but unavailable until further notice

Dasheng N95 DTC3x.

*Chinese brand, NIOSH approved since 2006.

20 masks, $119.00

Other In Demand Equipment

We have brought forward a selection from our shop of the most in demand equipment for COVID-19 response. Please see respective store pages for in depth product guides and a wider selection of masks, gloves, gowns and more.

Covidien thermometer

Covidien Thermometer

  • Gold standard hospital thermometer. Used in offices and emergency departments worldwide.

  • Reads in 3-5 seconds with 0.1C accuracy.

  • Requires disposable sanitary covers.

3M tempa dot thermometer.jpg

3M Tempa-Dot disposable thermometer

  • Reads in 60 seconds. Oral or Axillary.

  • 0.1-0.2C accuracy.

  • Sterile and disposable, no risk of cross infection.

  • $20.99 for 100, $404 for 2000.

Kimberly Clark Halyard Surgical Mask.jpeg

Kimberly Clark Halyard Level 1 Surgical Mask

  • Duckbill surgical mask

  • Excellent splash and fluid protection

  • Standard disposable earloop mask design

  • 50 per box for $19.99

Medical Mask.jpg

Standard Surgical Mask

  • High top surgical mask

  • 3 ply design for excellent splash and droplet protection

  • 50 per box. Available as 1 or 10 box units. (50-500 masks)

SaniClothPrime Disinfectant.jpeg

Sani Cloth Prime Wipes

  • 160 wipes / container, Available as single or case of 12 containers

  • Wide spectrum medical grade wipes, effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

  • Works in one minutes or less

  • Safe on most surfaces, non staining, no odor. 

Alcohol wet wipes.jpg

Alcohol Wipes

  • 75% isopropyl alcohol. 

  • 40 wipes / container

  • Wide spectrum medical grade wipes, effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

  • Safe on most surfaces, non staining, no odor. 

Full Face Shield.jpg

Face Shields

  • 7.5 in x 13 in, wraps around to provide full protection

  • Clear scratch resistant shield with anti fog coating for high visibility

  • Face shield has foam band for comfort and sturdy strap

  • Sold as single and 24 pack.

Isolation gown.JPG

Medline Isolation Gown

  • Medline fluid resistant multi-ply isolation gown.

  • Available in Regular, Large, and XL.

  • 100 per case

Our Promise

When it comes to safety, there can be no substitutes. Quality and performance are critical and you want to know that your equipment is up to standard. We provide the information you need to find affordable, quality supplies from trusted manufacturers among the sea of low quality, off brand imitations. 

We search for medical equipment suppliers who have the right supplies at the right price. We work hard to find the best deals and discounts on equipment that is in stock and ready to ship.

Please see our shop pages with more information about medical and industrial thermometers, our guide to glove materials, and use criteria for surgical masks. And check out our guide to mask selection and supply of fit testing equipment!

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