COVID-19 Home testing kits

Below is our selection of in stock and ready to ship COVID-19 Rapid Antigen self testing kits. We have partnered with iHealth labs to offer FDA EUA approved testing solutions but due to demand some shipping delays may occur. We ONLY offer Antigen testing products. 

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self Test

COVID-19 Antigen Self Test

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COVID-19 Antigen Self Test

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Information about at home COVID-19 testing

PCR testing

Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR testing uses laboratory equipment to amplify, or copy, the genetic material in a sample in order to see if any of the viral RNA is present. This is an extremely sensitive testing method, but takes longer and cannot be done at home.

Antigen testing

Many of the home tests are antigen tests. These tests look for proteins - called antigens, that are produced by the virus. Because of this, it does not require expensive laboratory equipment to perform and can be done at home.


When a virus infects a person, it begins to produce antigen proteins. This testing is generally less sensitive because it may take the body some time to make enough antigen protein to be detected. Sometimes, early in an infection or in the late stages, there is not enough antigen protein to be detected by a test. Unlike PCR tests, which look for any of the virus genetic material present in the infected person, antigen testing requires the host to actually be making viral proteins at that moment. 

Antibody testing

After someone has been infected, their immune system responds by making antibodies to attack the pathogen. Alternatively,vaccines are used to trick our bodies into making antibodies that will kill a virus before we ever get exposed to the real thing. Antibody testing is used to see if you already have the antibodies against a certain pathogen, and can tell you if you've had a past exposure or infection.