Face Shields, Goggles, and Eye Protection.

Commonly used in medical and surgical settings, face shields and other forms of eye protection are critical for keeping healthcare providers safe from fluids and chemicals.

While they can be more bulky, full face shields offer the most protection and should wrap around the sides of the head for maximum effect. We only sell models with anti fog protection on the inner surface because often, foggy masks limit view and may require unscrubbing in order to fix.

Another popular option for eye protection is disposible goggles, often sold as frames with plastic inserts for the shield. These are inexpensive options and offer moderate splash protection, when combined with surgical masks, but are not recommended for procedures that produce signficant debris or have a chance for large splashes.

Goggles offer the benefit of full eye protection which is important when infectious material may come in contact with the conjunctiva. As with face shields, consider the importance of anti fog coatings to reduce the chance for needing to break scrub or ungown in order to fix the goggles.

Full Face Shield.jpg

Full Face Shield


Anti Fog


Liquid proof foam comfort band




None, has vents


Extra wide, fits over glasses

Screenshot_2020-04-06 Disposable Face Sh

Full Face Shield w/ visor


Anti fog


Liquid proof visor

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