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How does UV disinfection work?


To understand the best applications for Ultraviolet, or UV disinfection, it is important to understand a little about how this method of cleaning works. 


UV light is a form of light invisible to the naked eye. It is defined as light with a wavelength between 210-328nm. Importantly, this type of light is effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi because it reacts with and destroys the DNA inside the pathogen's cells. 

The peak of this effect occurs at a wavelength of 253nm, so the most effective UV disinfection lamps are specially designed to emit light at this range. Such lamps are known as UV-C. 


In order for UV lamps to work, they must shine their light directly onto or through the substance being cleaned. This means that UV disinfection lights are especially effective for killing pathogens in water and in the air. Large volumes of air and water can be sanitized quickly and effectively with a UV lamp. Additionally, UV light is one of the most effective ways to kill airborne and waterborne pathogens because it uses no harmful chemicals and leaves no residue behind that users can drink or inhale. That said, it is also a great way to clean surfaces too, so long as the surface is free of dirt or debris that can block the light. 


It is important to realize that not all UV lamps are meant for disinfection. They need to be emitting light of the right wavelength and right intensity in order to destroy the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If the intensity is too low, below 12 mJ/cm many organisms can repair the DNA damage. Consequently, we ensure that the products we offer deliver high enough doses of the right wavelengths of UV light. Listed here, you will find UV sources suitable for cleaning the air in homes and offices, portable UV lamps for cleaning the air in cars or when travelling, water purification systems, and handheld lamps for cleaning surfaces. 



Caution: While UV disinfection is an effective method for cleaning air, water, and surfaces, it is not suitable for cleaning wounds. Prolonged exposure can cause damage to the skin and eyes. 



- Can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi in the air and water. Destroys virtually all types of pathogens and many forms of allergens. 

- Can sanitize large volumes of air and water quickly. 

- Chemical free process- leaves behind no residue and uses no toxic substances. 

- Multiple uses- a single lamp can be used hundreds to thousands of times.


- Substance must be directly exposed to the light. Muddy water or surfaces with debris not effectively cleaned.

- Must use right wavelengths (UV-C) and at the right intensity to be effective. Many low grade products fail to meet one or both of these criteria. 

- Cannot be used to sanitize wounds

UV Disinfection for Surfaces

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Portable UV Light Sanitization Box

  • Interior reflective coating to magnify cleaning efficiency. 

  • Delivers UV-C light, most effective at killing pathogens. Complete cycle in 3 minutes

  • 24cm x 21 cm x 15 cm

  • Small enough to fit in a suitcase for travel, large enough to sanitize glassware, bottles, and children's toys. 

  • 10,000 light lifetime

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UV-C Disinfection Wand

  • High power UV-C lamp kills Viruses, Bacteria, and Fungi on surfaces. 

  • Leaves no chemical residue, uses no harmful chemicals on your surfaces. 

  • Rapid action, kills >99.99% of germs in under 30 seconds of exposure. 

  • Light and re-chargeable, great for travel or home use

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UV-C Disinfection Case

  • The most powerful UV-C Light Disinfection contained safely in a portable case

  • Great for phones, toothbrushes, and other small items. 

  • A travel essential, sanitize your heavily used items quickly and safely.

Ultraviolet Air Purification

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Germ Guardian UV-C and HEPA filter

  • Combines the power of HEPA and carbon filtration with UV disinfection. 

  • Essential for people with allergies. Removes dust, pollen, and airborne viruses and bacteria!

  • Sanitizes 160+ cubic feet of air per hour.

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UV-C Portable Air Filter

  • Combines carbon filtration and UV-C disinfection in one small package

  • Less than 1/2 pound, about the size of a soda bottle but filters 200 cubic meters of air per hour. 

  • UV light kills pathogens while the carbon filter catches dust and pollen. 

  • Great for cars, desks, and when travelling. 

Desktop UV Lamp.jpg

Allegro Fit Test Kit, Deluxe

  • Remote operated or set a time and operate it safely from outside the room. 

  • Powerful UV-C light kills >99.99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold in a 40sq meter room in less than an hour. 

Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems

Great for use at home and on the go.  

HQUA UV home water purifier.jpg

HQUA Home UV-C Water Purification

  • Chemical Free method for killing >99.99% of pathogens in your water.

  • Destroys Viruses, Bacteria, and common water microbes like Giardia and Crytosporidum.

  • Super-Powered. 30mJ/cm flux of UV light is more than double the 12mJ/cm required to sanitize water.

Red Cross Ultraviolet Steripen.jpg

Red Cross UV light pen

  • Kills >99.9% of pathogens in water, including Giardia, Cryptosporidum, and other protozoa.

  • Sanitizes 1L in 90 seconds

  • Portable, weighs less than 3 ounces. Perfect for camping or travel.

  • 8000+ uses for the UV lamp. Rechargeable. 

  • Simple. Safe. Effective. 

Vitapur UV Disinfection System.jpg

Vitapur UV Purification System

  • No Chemicals added to water

  • Certified by the NSF, Class B performance standard

  • Easy Instillation

  • 15.8 gallons filtered/minute

  • Viewing port to confirm UV light is on

  • Destroys Viruses, Bacteria, and microbes in your home water supply. 

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